The Central Statistical Organisation (CSO)

The Central Statistical Organisation (CSO) is responsible for coordination of statistical activities in the country, evolving and maintaining statistical standards. Its activities include national income accounting, conduct of annual survey of industries, economic census and its follow up surveys, compilation f index of industrial production, as well as consumer prices indices for urban non-manual employees, human development statistics, gender statistics, imparting training in official statistics, five year plan relating to work development of statistics in the states and Union Territories, dissemination of statistical information, work relating to trade, energy, construction and environment statistics, revision of national industrial classification etc. It has a well equipped graphical unit. The CSO is headed by the Director-General who is assisted by 2 Additional Directors-General and 4 Deputy Directors-General, Directors & Joint Directors and other supporting staff. The CSO is located in Delhi. Some portion of industrial statistics work pertaining to annual survey of industrial statistics work pertaining to annual survey of industries is carried out in Kolkata.

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