National Policy on Disaster Management

 A National Policy on Disaster Management (NPDM) was adopted in 2009. The objectives of the policy are as follows:

  1. Promoting a culture of prevention, preparedness and resilience at all levels through knowledge, innovation and education.
  2. Encouraging mitigation measures based on technology, traditional wisdom and environmental sustainability.
  3. Mainstreaming disaster management into the developmental planning process.
  4. Establishing institutional and techno-legal frameworks to create an enabling regulatory environment and a compliance regime.
  5. Ensuring efficient mechanism for identification, assessment and monitoring of disaster risks.
  6. Promoting a productive partnership with the media to create awareness and contributing towards capacity development.
  7. Ensuring efficient response and relief with a caring approach towards the needs of the vulnerable sections of the society.
  8. Undertaking reconstruction as an opportunity to build disaster resilient structures and habitat for ensuring safer living.

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