Religion, Script of Harappans and Decline of Harappan Civilization

Religion of Harappans
  • Pashupati seal has been found from Mohenjodaro in which a Yogi figure has been depicted.
  • The Yogi on the seal is surrounded by buffalo, tiger, elephant, rhinoceros and deer. hence, the Yogi is said to be proto-Shiva.
  • Signs of phallic worship have been found.
  • Harappans worshiped Mother Goddess. It is evident from the terracotta figurine recovered from Harappa.
  • A building called Great Bath have been found at meant for ritual bathing.
  • They were superstitious as they wore amulets.
  • Harappans worshiped pipal tree.
  • No evidence of temples have been found in the civilization.

Script of Harrapans:
  • The Harappans knew the art of writing. There are nearly 4,000 specimens of Harappan writing on stone seals and other objects.
  • The Harappan script is not alphabetical but many pictographic.
  • The Harappan script has not been deciphered so far.
  • Script was considered of about 400 symbols, out of which 75 were original and remaining were their variants.

Decline of Harappan Civilization:
  • There are many different views by the historians on the decline of Harappan civilization.
  • According to Wheeler, Aryan attack was the main cause of Harappan civilization.
  • Accordintg to G.F. Dales and Marshall, Aryans were not responsible for the decline of Harappan civilization.
  • James Marshall stated that natural calamities were main cause for the decline of Harappan civilization. This statement is widely accepted for the decline of Harappan civilization.

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